Develop self-awareness and bloom spiritually through inspiring activities and events.

We have nested a set of tools and techniques to support you on your quest to thrive, find and be your own way

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We organise workshops designed to channel, liberate and drive energies for the wellness of the heart, the body and the mind

OpenUp Space is a warm and peaceful nest located at the heart of Shanghai and dedicated to personal development and spiritual growth. We believe it is of essence to try out different tools in order to find out those that best fit one's quest for harmony. That's why we carefully gathered a set of practical skills and widely recognized tools leaned towards personal fulfilment and destined to channel and unleash the positive energies of individuals, teams or corporations. We put great attention to select our activities and design inspiring and invigorating workshops for the well-being of the body, heart and mind. It is our true delight to have the opportunity to contribute and support you on your own path


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68 XinQiao Road (cross. Xinzha road), New Bridge Building, '18-O' floor

新桥路68号18-O, 顶楼 - 新桥大厦